Archdiocesan Curia

Content for Acts of the Curia of the Archdiocese:

What is the Acts of the Curia?

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What is the Act of the Curia? What is the function?

Content for Section of Administration of the Archdiocese:

What is the Section of Administration?

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  • Vicar General
  • Episcopal Vicars
  • Chancellors
  • Secretaries
  • Finance Administrator
  • Archives
  • Commissions

Under the Commissions we have:

1. Health Commission
2. Pastoral, Catechetical and Liturgical Commission
3. Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue Commision
4. Youth and Family Commission
5. Communications Commission

  • Committees

Under Committees we have:

1. Vocations Committee
2. Committee for Safeguarding Minors and Vulnerable Persons
3. Opus Securiatatis Committee

  • Others

Under Others we have:

1. Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS)

Content for Judicaial Section of the Archdiocese:

What is the Judicial Section?

to be Updated…

The Judicial Section is concerned with… to be updated…

The subsections and personnel in the Judicial Section includes:

  • Metropolitan Tribunal of Abuja
  • Tribunal Personnel

Under the Tribunal Personnel we have:

1. Judicial Vicar
2. Judges
3. Defender of the Bond
4. Notary

Content for Pre-Judicial Pastoral Services of the Archdiocese:

What is the Pre-Judicial Pastoral Services?

to be Updated…

The Pre-Judicial Services covers … to be updated…

Members who provide these services are as follows:

  • Advocates
  • Marriage Counsellors

This is the content for the Consultative Bodies of the Archdiocese.

What are the Consultative Bodies…?

Content to be Updated…

  • Presbyteral Council
  • College Consultors
  • Pastoral Council
  • General Assembly
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